Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Blue Skies...somewhere else

Wow, I woke up and ran in a fog. Something that you just don't see in the desert. A bit of rain on the ground, and cold air floating around everywhere. Of course it was dark and only crazy people like me were up trying to get some exercise before the rest of the world wokes up. I came home feeling like I could have crawled back into bed...actually I still feel like that right now. My whole body is screaming COFFEE!!!!! But you see, like the rest of my life this is abnormal as well. I have this love hate relationship with coffee. I love the wonderful Starbucks version, so creamy, so rich, and yet....yep you guess it, so fattening! I try to make coffee at my house but alas, it just doesn't work unless I add cream, sugar and every chocolaty item that I can find. So I guess I am stuck with my Ghiradelli Chocolate Hazelnut flavored coffee with splenda, and a touch of creamer.

These days are the kinds that make you think of things yet to come. What will tomorrow bring I ask myself (hopefully a warm front!). What about this next year? What strange and unusual thing will our family be doing next? Heck, what am I going to do in the next 5 minutes. Oh yes, that load of laundry that is sitting my bedroom floor that is waiting for its turn in the washer. Or maybe all the things I need to grade for my kids school. Or maybe, start taking down the Christmas decoration. No, no too early for that one. Ah, I remember what I will be doing at lunch time. Yes, lovely lunch plans with my wonderful husband. Where will we go in this small town we live in with bad customer service. I guess the point is, that I will be going out with my wonderful husband and leaving behind the tree, school and laundry. A whole blissful hour to spend gazing into his beautiful blue eyes.

Today I am a bit tired, but I think of my lovely friend back in TN that just had her 4th baby. What a blessing. What a cutie! I know she has to be tired! I wish I was still close by to help with this little one. Or maybe stop by that glorious Starbucks and grab coffee (we don't worry about calories when with friends) to sip while we chat. Dear Bell, I pray your day is filled with His grace and plenty of sleep:)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Recovering from a wonderful Christmas

I sit here sipping a peppermint white chocolate mocha coffee watching Pride and Prejudice (the BBC version) and of course typing on my new laptop from my wonderful husband. Life couldn't get more relaxing. What a blessed life this turtle leads! A busy, busy life...but a blessed one!

I recently decided that I needed to start a blog of my own, so I can have something to show for all the hours I sit on the computer waiting for an e-mail. Now I can type out life as it happens. And not wait to receive news about it :). Is that not what we find ourselves doing so much, or maybe it is just me. Pressing the "Check Mail" or the refresh button. Oh come on... someone has to have e-mailed me by now. Not even an advertisement from Bath and Body, or one from Lands End (I have no idea why I am still on Lands End e-mail list, I have never bought from them. Oh yes, it is so I will have something in my e-mail box.)

Well dear cyber-friend, hold on to your seats as you take this journey with me into blogland.