Monday, April 4, 2011


Wow, sorry to the two of you that keep up with this blog it has been so long since I have posted anything. Oh wait, sorry to the one person, I guess I can't count to you dear reader, sorry. :) Life has been so much more insane than it normally is. So many changes are on the horizon for our little family.

Back in Feb we added another member to our family. One of the 4 legged kind. We have a dog. We have had dogs before, but for some reason we have flunked in being a dog family. This time we have it right. This little guy we found at Petsmart on one of their adoption days. We walked in and there he was. So simple and easy like it was meant to be. Okay, so it really wasn't that simple. We had been to several Petsmarts and Petcos that morning. On arriving at each store we would walk in look around and jump back in the truck and head out for the next location (I had it all mapped there were 11 possible places to visit.) This one happened to be the 5th place we went to that morning. For some reason, I had the dog bug and was on a mission to find the right one. Well this one is perfect for us, he loves us, is scared of his shadow, eats cat food, and doesn't really bark. Basically he is weird like the rest of our us.

Another crazy thing is, we are moving. Yes, we are in that nut state of trying to tie up ends here in our AZ residence to head back to TN. Our time was cut short by a few months so now we find ourselves scrambling around trying to finish up appointments, grab records and say our goodbyes. This move is a little different than the ones in the last few years. This time we have decided that this season in our life isn't crazy enough we need to add more to it. So why not pack up all our things ourselves and have it moved cross country. All the time praying it will fit into the truck we have rented. Since living in the desert for 2 years we have been hoping that our things are smaller due to the lack of water. And hope that once we get back into the humidity our belongings will wait until they are out of the truck to go back to their original size.

Other happenings are just to numerous to name at this time. Plus, I need to go teach the things in my house. Anyhow dear happy reader, I pray your day is blessed!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby!

Happy birthday to my most favorite person on earth! Or maybe I should say planet, just makes me think of Veggie Tales when Jimmy Gourd and Jerry Gourd state they are so hungry they could eat an entire planet. Mean while a planet made entirely out of popcorn speeds toward their aircraft. And the word planet echoes throughout the space ship. Some of you might be trying to figure that out, don't worry. You just need to go watch it. Trust me, it is soooo worth your time! Anyhow, where was I...Oh yes, Happy Birthday to My Wonderful Husband! I know this is such a crazy day! The not knowing about what is in the future. BUT no matter I have no doubt that God has a plan. So now I raise my glass, Baby, here is to our future, and to whatever it might bring. Here is to another year, may you be blessed as much as you bless others! supposed to do this in threes is to...okay maybe two was enough. I LOVE YOU MORE!!!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

On the Road Again

Yes, it is that time of month again where we take a trip up the road to Tucson. My grandmother wants to welcome My Wonderful Husband back from war. So we are going to go and see her. In the middle of the week you ask? Yes, My Wonderful Husband took the day off since our weekends are packed now.

We aren't just going to see her, we have a list of places to go and visit. BUT we are going to go to her swanky neighborhood and eat at the club. BUT I AM GOING TO WEAR JEANS. Yes, I am a rebel. It is pretty funny one time I wore jeans and my grandmother looked at me and said, "well I guess we can't eat in the dining room since you are wearing jeans. We will have to eat in the grill." To tell you the truth, we all love the grill much better. The atmosphere is so much more relaxed. AND I don't have to keep reminding our kids what fork to use.

When I was a kid my grandmother bought me a book, and the name of this wonderful book? Well it was, "Tiffany's table manners for teenagers." It was from Tiffany & Co... I believe. Yes, and another time I received a Shakespeare date book. The reasoning behind it was so I could put in all the birthdays throughout the year and not forget them. Oh and another favorite gift, thank you notes and stamps.

Let me explain one thing, if you ever give me a gift and I don't sent a thank you note. It is NOT because I am not thankful. It is because I am still going through therapy for all the guilt trips I received as a kid for NOT sending thank you notes. I love to get them, I HATE, I mean HATE!!!!!!! to send them!!!!!!! It is against my religion.

Have a wonderful day! And I will eat some In-N-Out for you! Animal Style.

Monday, September 13, 2010


Well yes, it has been a LONG time since I have blogged! Oh my goodness so much has happened. The one MAJOR thing that has happened is MY WONDERFUL HUSBAND IS BACK HOME!!!!!! So yes, he is back and things are back to normal. Or as normal as things are going to get around our home.

which I have to say is normally insane!

Anyhow, so once he got back we had a big party to welcome him home. Two weekends later we had a birthday party for Thing 2, then started schooling a week after that. Then we went camping two weeks after that. And how could I forget to mention the football practices that started right when my better half came home? Oh then throw in the other two and their soccer practice, youth and now all of our Saturdays are taken up with games.

You know we did this last year too, and we cursed ourselves for it back then. BUT, did we learn our lesson? Apparently not, we are right back into the thick of things again.
On Friday night, Thing 1 and Thing 3 had their opening ceremony for soccer and I received a text from a friend that was attending with her son. It said, "I know who your favorite is." I text her back and reassured her that my favorite was my husband, and that since we aren't into polygamy there are only two of us. One of us was with the youngest at the soccer field and the other was at the football field with the middle. Our eldest was on his own for a bit (even though my wonderful husband was only a few hundred feet away with the youngest). The friend having a child the same age as the oldest only saw a our child there without caring parents.
These are the times when I think maybe those who have a third parent do indeed have the right idea. Then I remember that I don't share well and would have to probably take out the third person. So I guess we will just avoid all that and just stick with two parents. It's less messy.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Baby it's Buggy Outside

Okay, so that isn't the best change to a song, but I can see a dear friend of mine belting out these words and then laughing at her lighthearted lyrics she just made up. It rained yesterday and last night and today I woke up to a cooler morning. What does this mean in the desert? Well it means that I had a cooler run, BUT with a bit of humidity. AND it also means that the BUGS WERE OUT!!!!! Yes, for some strange reason (this also happened in Okinawa on several occasions) the bugs sorta like gnats start to fly around EVERYWHERE! AND when they are flying everywhere and someone is trying to run...the person (who shall remain nameless) ends up doing this kind of dance to avoid the bugs flying. And while doing this dance, no matter how hard she, I mean it could be a he, tries he/she still gets bugs in the eyes, mouth, in the hair, crawling on the neck, squiggling on the legs, up their nose, did I mention eyes? So here is this person on the last little bit of their run and here comes this really pretty corvette. And what happens? Well this person ends up getting a bug in their eye and has to stop, but it kinda looks like this person is waiting for the person in the lovely red Corvette on the corner of the street so he/she can get a better look at the pretty car. Yep, with the weak excuse that there is an annoying little bug in their eye. But don't worry, the Corvette didn't stop it kept on going, and this runner either shoved the bug further in their eye well enough so they could see, or they actually got it out. Okay, I can't take it any longer, it was me! I was the one with the horrid little flying bugs, it was me doing the little jig trying to avoid the wretched things, spitting to get the little things out of my mouth! And it was me looking at the pretty Corvette, thinking of my wonderful husband driving his. It was me, it was me... Well dear reader, I hope you enjoy your day, and that it is bug free!!!! Well, I'm heading to therapy, those bugs just did me in!

Friday, July 9, 2010


I am TRYING to get all the kids curriculum together for this new school year. But for some reason it is proving to be more difficult than I anticipated! The hours that I have spent looking over used curriculum websites to get a better deal are endless. It all makes me wonder is it really all worth it to save a buck. My Wonderful Husband asked me one time if saving a few bucks is worth all my time spent? He is such a great guy that he would rather me spend the money to save me the hassle. He is probably reading this and wondering why I did this to myself again, and why I didn't listen to him. I guess I like to suffer ;)

I am trying a new curriculum this year, and so now I am trying to get used to the new thing. That takes time too. BUT if this year is better than the last, then it will be all worth that time and effort. If not, I guess I will just add it to all the time wasted pile. Along with the time wasted trying to plant a veggie garden when my thumbs are black ;) Surprise, I am not Martha when it comes to gardening. One year I planted several things (when we lived in TN, and I didn't have deer and javelina to contend with) and for some reason, the sprinkler was left on all night and that was the end of that. I really didn't need to can anything, or try to prepare those veggies anyhow. That was just more see honey, I do listen to you :) MORE!!!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

I Should of Had a V8

On my lovely run this morning...Okay that is an exaggeration. I have been losing sleep as of late, and so my run wasn't that lovely. Oh the sun was out and the mountains gorgeous, but see it also FINALLY rained here in the desert. What does that mean? Well that means that bugs of all types were out vying for flying space. When I got home I had a winged ant in my eye, on my neck, in my ear, on my shirt, on my legs, and they were in my hair. I felt like appetizer for an anteater. And since the humidity is up that meant that I sweated and they stuck to me (okay, the eyeball one didn't need the sweat). Anyhow, where were we...oh yes, the run. Here I was running, but noticed that it was really quiet. I know I am on an Army base, so it is going to be quieter than a Marine base, BUT it was really quite this morning. Then it hit is a holiday weekend, a 4-day weekend for those that are here with their families. Of course no one is going to be out exercising except those that are crazy, well I fit that bill so I was running. I guess now I need to figure out what to do this weekend. Anyhow, Happy 4th of July weekend, I hope you have a blessed one!