Tuesday, September 14, 2010

On the Road Again

Yes, it is that time of month again where we take a trip up the road to Tucson. My grandmother wants to welcome My Wonderful Husband back from war. So we are going to go and see her. In the middle of the week you ask? Yes, My Wonderful Husband took the day off since our weekends are packed now.

We aren't just going to see her, we have a list of places to go and visit. BUT we are going to go to her swanky neighborhood and eat at the club. BUT I AM GOING TO WEAR JEANS. Yes, I am a rebel. It is pretty funny one time I wore jeans and my grandmother looked at me and said, "well I guess we can't eat in the dining room since you are wearing jeans. We will have to eat in the grill." To tell you the truth, we all love the grill much better. The atmosphere is so much more relaxed. AND I don't have to keep reminding our kids what fork to use.

When I was a kid my grandmother bought me a book, and the name of this wonderful book? Well it was, "Tiffany's table manners for teenagers." It was from Tiffany & Co... I believe. Yes, and another time I received a Shakespeare date book. The reasoning behind it was so I could put in all the birthdays throughout the year and not forget them. Oh and another favorite gift, thank you notes and stamps.

Let me explain one thing, if you ever give me a gift and I don't sent a thank you note. It is NOT because I am not thankful. It is because I am still going through therapy for all the guilt trips I received as a kid for NOT sending thank you notes. I love to get them, I HATE, I mean HATE!!!!!!! to send them!!!!!!! It is against my religion.

Have a wonderful day! And I will eat some In-N-Out for you! Animal Style.

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