Friday, December 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby!

Happy birthday to my most favorite person on earth! Or maybe I should say planet, just makes me think of Veggie Tales when Jimmy Gourd and Jerry Gourd state they are so hungry they could eat an entire planet. Mean while a planet made entirely out of popcorn speeds toward their aircraft. And the word planet echoes throughout the space ship. Some of you might be trying to figure that out, don't worry. You just need to go watch it. Trust me, it is soooo worth your time! Anyhow, where was I...Oh yes, Happy Birthday to My Wonderful Husband! I know this is such a crazy day! The not knowing about what is in the future. BUT no matter I have no doubt that God has a plan. So now I raise my glass, Baby, here is to our future, and to whatever it might bring. Here is to another year, may you be blessed as much as you bless others! supposed to do this in threes is to...okay maybe two was enough. I LOVE YOU MORE!!!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

On the Road Again

Yes, it is that time of month again where we take a trip up the road to Tucson. My grandmother wants to welcome My Wonderful Husband back from war. So we are going to go and see her. In the middle of the week you ask? Yes, My Wonderful Husband took the day off since our weekends are packed now.

We aren't just going to see her, we have a list of places to go and visit. BUT we are going to go to her swanky neighborhood and eat at the club. BUT I AM GOING TO WEAR JEANS. Yes, I am a rebel. It is pretty funny one time I wore jeans and my grandmother looked at me and said, "well I guess we can't eat in the dining room since you are wearing jeans. We will have to eat in the grill." To tell you the truth, we all love the grill much better. The atmosphere is so much more relaxed. AND I don't have to keep reminding our kids what fork to use.

When I was a kid my grandmother bought me a book, and the name of this wonderful book? Well it was, "Tiffany's table manners for teenagers." It was from Tiffany & Co... I believe. Yes, and another time I received a Shakespeare date book. The reasoning behind it was so I could put in all the birthdays throughout the year and not forget them. Oh and another favorite gift, thank you notes and stamps.

Let me explain one thing, if you ever give me a gift and I don't sent a thank you note. It is NOT because I am not thankful. It is because I am still going through therapy for all the guilt trips I received as a kid for NOT sending thank you notes. I love to get them, I HATE, I mean HATE!!!!!!! to send them!!!!!!! It is against my religion.

Have a wonderful day! And I will eat some In-N-Out for you! Animal Style.

Monday, September 13, 2010


Well yes, it has been a LONG time since I have blogged! Oh my goodness so much has happened. The one MAJOR thing that has happened is MY WONDERFUL HUSBAND IS BACK HOME!!!!!! So yes, he is back and things are back to normal. Or as normal as things are going to get around our home.

which I have to say is normally insane!

Anyhow, so once he got back we had a big party to welcome him home. Two weekends later we had a birthday party for Thing 2, then started schooling a week after that. Then we went camping two weeks after that. And how could I forget to mention the football practices that started right when my better half came home? Oh then throw in the other two and their soccer practice, youth and now all of our Saturdays are taken up with games.

You know we did this last year too, and we cursed ourselves for it back then. BUT, did we learn our lesson? Apparently not, we are right back into the thick of things again.
On Friday night, Thing 1 and Thing 3 had their opening ceremony for soccer and I received a text from a friend that was attending with her son. It said, "I know who your favorite is." I text her back and reassured her that my favorite was my husband, and that since we aren't into polygamy there are only two of us. One of us was with the youngest at the soccer field and the other was at the football field with the middle. Our eldest was on his own for a bit (even though my wonderful husband was only a few hundred feet away with the youngest). The friend having a child the same age as the oldest only saw a our child there without caring parents.
These are the times when I think maybe those who have a third parent do indeed have the right idea. Then I remember that I don't share well and would have to probably take out the third person. So I guess we will just avoid all that and just stick with two parents. It's less messy.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Baby it's Buggy Outside

Okay, so that isn't the best change to a song, but I can see a dear friend of mine belting out these words and then laughing at her lighthearted lyrics she just made up. It rained yesterday and last night and today I woke up to a cooler morning. What does this mean in the desert? Well it means that I had a cooler run, BUT with a bit of humidity. AND it also means that the BUGS WERE OUT!!!!! Yes, for some strange reason (this also happened in Okinawa on several occasions) the bugs sorta like gnats start to fly around EVERYWHERE! AND when they are flying everywhere and someone is trying to run...the person (who shall remain nameless) ends up doing this kind of dance to avoid the bugs flying. And while doing this dance, no matter how hard she, I mean it could be a he, tries he/she still gets bugs in the eyes, mouth, in the hair, crawling on the neck, squiggling on the legs, up their nose, did I mention eyes? So here is this person on the last little bit of their run and here comes this really pretty corvette. And what happens? Well this person ends up getting a bug in their eye and has to stop, but it kinda looks like this person is waiting for the person in the lovely red Corvette on the corner of the street so he/she can get a better look at the pretty car. Yep, with the weak excuse that there is an annoying little bug in their eye. But don't worry, the Corvette didn't stop it kept on going, and this runner either shoved the bug further in their eye well enough so they could see, or they actually got it out. Okay, I can't take it any longer, it was me! I was the one with the horrid little flying bugs, it was me doing the little jig trying to avoid the wretched things, spitting to get the little things out of my mouth! And it was me looking at the pretty Corvette, thinking of my wonderful husband driving his. It was me, it was me... Well dear reader, I hope you enjoy your day, and that it is bug free!!!! Well, I'm heading to therapy, those bugs just did me in!

Friday, July 9, 2010


I am TRYING to get all the kids curriculum together for this new school year. But for some reason it is proving to be more difficult than I anticipated! The hours that I have spent looking over used curriculum websites to get a better deal are endless. It all makes me wonder is it really all worth it to save a buck. My Wonderful Husband asked me one time if saving a few bucks is worth all my time spent? He is such a great guy that he would rather me spend the money to save me the hassle. He is probably reading this and wondering why I did this to myself again, and why I didn't listen to him. I guess I like to suffer ;)

I am trying a new curriculum this year, and so now I am trying to get used to the new thing. That takes time too. BUT if this year is better than the last, then it will be all worth that time and effort. If not, I guess I will just add it to all the time wasted pile. Along with the time wasted trying to plant a veggie garden when my thumbs are black ;) Surprise, I am not Martha when it comes to gardening. One year I planted several things (when we lived in TN, and I didn't have deer and javelina to contend with) and for some reason, the sprinkler was left on all night and that was the end of that. I really didn't need to can anything, or try to prepare those veggies anyhow. That was just more see honey, I do listen to you :) MORE!!!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

I Should of Had a V8

On my lovely run this morning...Okay that is an exaggeration. I have been losing sleep as of late, and so my run wasn't that lovely. Oh the sun was out and the mountains gorgeous, but see it also FINALLY rained here in the desert. What does that mean? Well that means that bugs of all types were out vying for flying space. When I got home I had a winged ant in my eye, on my neck, in my ear, on my shirt, on my legs, and they were in my hair. I felt like appetizer for an anteater. And since the humidity is up that meant that I sweated and they stuck to me (okay, the eyeball one didn't need the sweat). Anyhow, where were we...oh yes, the run. Here I was running, but noticed that it was really quiet. I know I am on an Army base, so it is going to be quieter than a Marine base, BUT it was really quite this morning. Then it hit is a holiday weekend, a 4-day weekend for those that are here with their families. Of course no one is going to be out exercising except those that are crazy, well I fit that bill so I was running. I guess now I need to figure out what to do this weekend. Anyhow, Happy 4th of July weekend, I hope you have a blessed one!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


I went to a housing meeting last night with my kids. It was a meeting to discuss the destruction of our home. Yes, I am still in the middle of that. No, it isn't over yet. Yes, I am still in the same house, I haven't moved yet. At times during the meeting voices escalated, and people were a little miffed. BUT I knew going in that NOTHING was going to change. Why not? Well because, this is the military, and that is the way things are. I did say a few words myself, and I pray that I came across as kind and not someone who should be flying around on a broom stick (though I do feel like that so much as of late, or maybe it has been the last few years...anyway I digress). For the last 12 hours, when I have been awake, I have been mulling over what was said. And at the end of the meeting I was talking to another wife, and she called me a hermit. Seriously, me a hermit? Well she isn't of the homeschooling weirdness, so she doesn't know what a homeschool mom goes through. Schooling her kids, then when done comes the housework, then it is dinner time, then bedtime. She also lives down the street so she doesn't see me come and go with my kids to other places, park day, friends homes, hiking, field trips, the store, church, youth, and sports. Am I really a hermit?

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Good morning dear reader. I am so sorry the days just seem to fly by, and life is just so crazy. I know that you really want to hear all about me and mine, that your day just wouldn't be the same if you didn't hear what was happening in our neck of the woods. Okay, you can quit laughing seriously, you can really. Sorry, trying to create a smile on your face in this crazy world we live in, on this crazy day in June. JUNE, can you believe it? It is June already! Anyway...

Well I have been reset. FINALLY! I had been in a funk for several weeks and just had the hardest time getting out of it. I sat and chatted with a dear friend for several hours on Tuesday and life just seemed to fall back into place. The birds sang again, the sky was blue, and the Cold Stone ice cream we were eating turned into creamy goodness. What had happened you asked, just life happened. I could bring it all up but that would just take up too much time. Why should I bore you and take up more of your time. You just need to go eat some Cold Stone and feel that lovely sugar rush you get when you partake of Mint Mint Chocolate Chocolate chip (or my favorite All Lovin' No Oven) in a beautifully chocolate dipped bowl with sprinkles. Oh I just love those waffle bowls! Oh, curse the person who ever first came up with them. And curse the person who decided to dip it into chocolate and then add sprinkles. It just makes me feel like a kid again, picking out my favorite chocolate glazed donut with the colorful sprinkles on top. Maybe I should really be cursing the person who first made ice cream, or should I go all the way back and curse the donut maker? :) Or run up to them and love on them all for bringing such goodness to our lives and our thighs. See what I mean, my life is just nuts. I guess I do it to myself. Not the military, or family, or people with that say mean comments or have mean actions, or the person that just about ran over me while I was it is just me. It is my attitude toward them and my life. SO if you are feeling grim and need to be reset, call a good friend and meet them for your favorite ice cream or maybe, just maybe your thing is sushi.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Good Start? I think not!

I am amazed at how time just seems to get away from me as of late. Don't get me wrong, there are days when I think that it is just never going to end. Or this deployment...seriously when is it going to end. BUT alas we are over the half way mark. HURRAY!

This morning I woke up in a foul mood. I don't know if it had to do with the 9 hours of sleep that I have had over the past two days. Or the child that shared the bed with me last night made me feel like I was the one off at war. Perhaps the fact that one of our credit cards has been comprised. And to try to communicate over seas is challenging to say the least. Especially when the person is really good at what they do, and they are busy doing it. So anyway, to try to figure out what charges are bogus or not via e-mail adds to the excitement of life. Or maybe the reasoning for my stellar mood might be that I feel like we are behind in Homeschooling even though this is the last week. How about the fact that they are going to demolish my home and I don't know the date, where we are moving, and the craziness that has to do with that and the military. Oh I don't know, maybe it's tons of things. I do feel better now that I have eaten some breakfast. If you know me, then you know that food is an important part of my life. I need it! I am one of those live to eat people, who wants to be part of the eats to live group. Try to figure that one out :)

Anyway, dear reader, I hope you are having a fantastic day! Maybe I will see you at the local Starbucks. A coffee sure sounds good right now, and I really don't feel like making it!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Give me a BREAK!!!!!

This morning beautiful and windy, is calling me. It is calling me to cast all those crazy school books we are trying to get through to the side and head out to enjoy the outdoors. So many things that need to get done, so many things I have left undone. The days are just flying by which is really good! But it also is leaving me drained by the days end with me trying to get it all done. Oh it summer yet?

Monday, April 26, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Dear Reader, I hope you are having a wonderful morning. What a beautiful glorious morning! It should be 80 today. YEAH!!!!! Time to bring out the jeep! Except the boys aren't too fond of riding in the back with all the wind. And I want to drive all over creation when I get into it.
Well today is going to be a busy one! The kids have dentist appointments, not to mention the ortho appointments to take off the wires for their teeth cleanings. We also have our park day with our homeschool group. BUT today I also get to go into housing to ask when they are going to demolish our house. Yes, sometime this year, we will be moving again. I wonder if it will be before my Wonderful Husband gets back or not. I guess I am curious about this, but it has "Thing 2" up crying in the middle of the night. Poor guy. He asked if we could take a brick of our house with us. Our place here is small so it will be interesting to see what they will give us, BUT the view...the view will be hard to replace!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


What a wonderful Easter. Thought it was one that I had not been looking forward to. Holidays without my Wonderful Husband are just a little different. After this past weekend I had I was determined that I wanted to skip weekends entirely. (And here I am looking forward to the summer....seriously what I am thinking?) Why am I so adverse to weekends, you question? Well during the weekends all the husbands are home and everyone is out doing family things. Loving the time together, laughing, grilling, throwing caution to the wind. I do love to see it but it also hurts to see it at the same time. Anyhow, why am I going on to the depressing things...this is about joy, not pain, just sunshine, not rain.

The kids and I kept up the traditions while their daddy has been away. We dyed eggs on Thursday, which was a little early. We usually do it on Saturday, but "Thing 3," just couldn't be put off any longer. I actually boiled 2 dozen eggs instead of the norm 1 dozen. And even now I am thinking why have I only done 1in the past? Probably because I am cheap, and that $1.78 is going to throw me over the edge. Yeah, I'm a nut case...but I am turning a new leaf...2 dozen from now on...maybe I should even do 3 dozen. WATCHOUT! I am on a roll!

Anyhow, our Saturday was packed. "Thing 2," had a friend spend the the night before so they were all up playing video games by the time I got up. After a nutritious meal of French toast dusted with generous amounts of powdered sugar, and then coated with lots of syrup (yes, only the best for my kids. Good old high fructose corn syrup covering white sugar) we headed off to the church. Our church had opened its doors to the community for an Easter festival. "Thing 3," loved it and a great time. "Thing 2's," friend had to leave to play a game (basketball or was it baseball, or was it softball?) anyhow, my middle one is that tender age of awkwardness. He is getting older, but not too old to be over the desire to play games (but then again are we ever over that?). After about 30 minutes of walking from one part of the church to the next and back he finally decided that he was going to participate. Candy was involved so he decided to throw all caution to the wind and win some. He blessed my heart when some of the ladies at one of the station asked him questions about Christ's crucifixion. And you know what? He knew all the answers. So there I was wiping my eyes so proud of my little guy, I know what basket case. Anyway, I digress. Keep going right...okay, sorry. "Thing 1," was talking with his friends that were helping at the different booths. He was enjoying himself as well, until I brought out the camera. He is so much like his dad, loves to avoid pictures. So all in all, all my offspring had a good time. I guess I can't leave myself out, I did see some friends and a close friend and I chased after our youngest ones together.

While at the festival I received a text from another friend that I hadn't seen in a while. She was asking for a lunch date. So the kids and I did a bit of shopping at Target, then off to the house to drop the oldest two off. Now these few precious minutes at home were not only used to drop off boys but used to take the top off the jeep. Let me tell you if you don't own a jeep. Get one! Go out right now and buy one, or borrow one (just make sure you didn't steal it!) Jeeps are therapy! I believe there is even tax credit for owning one, something to do with helping the owl population in the North. I will be so bold as to say that if every American owned a Jeep, smiles would be abundant! No more rush hour traffic, no more shaking fists, or flipping of fingers, no more road rage. Heck it might even end wars and solve world hunger. Probably even cure cancer.

There I go again, I just want everyone to be as happy as I am while driving the jeep...So "Thing 3," and I got into that wonderful jeep with the top down and headed to Chili's. We met my friend and one of her sons there for some catching up and grub. What a lovely time. We decided to continue our party at the local Walmart. Everyone goes to Walmart with their friends, right? I always used to meet my friends there in good old TN. After we spent our alloted time in Walmart we went our separate ways. "Things 3," and I jumped back into the jeep and headed home with our hair flying in the wind.

At home we were lazy for a bit and a neighbor dropped by some tasty cupcakes for the kids and I to enjoy. We talked and caught up, but by the time she left the kids and I didn't have much time to get around for church. So we all scrambled around getting on our different dress outfits. Our church started doing a Saturday service about a year ago, and we have been going ever since. Though this being the Easter service and it being on a Saturday instead of a Sunday seemed a little strange, but we are strange so we went anyway. We left the topless jeep and settled into the truck and sped, I mean drove very carefully to church. I was supposed to be there early to greet, but I am such a slacker, it just didn't work out that way. The service went all too fast and it was time for us to retreat back to our abode. On the way home, "Thing 3," fell asleep. So I carried her into her room, dropping articles of clothing along the way. By the time I put her down, she woke up. Which is all fine because we had almost forgot about making the forgotten cookies. AND, (that is a big and!) my Wonderful Husband called to wish us all a Happy Afghani Easter. (Gosh, wonder what the Afghani's would have thought of that?) Glad we didn't miss his call! So we talked, then kids and I made cookies. Then off to bed for everyone...except the Easter bunny who decided that watching a movie was a good idea.

Easter...I believe I was the one who got up first. I was just so excited about seeing the kids. And wondering what they were going to do. "Thing 3," woke up followed by "Thing 1," and I had to wake up "Thing 2." We opened up the oven to eat our Forgotten cookies for breakfast and followed that with various candies the Easter bunny left behind. The younger two ran around collecting Easter eggs. After that was done, they all settled down to check out their loot and their baskets. The rest of the morning the kids played and I...well I don't know if I should say what I did. I put away all the Easter things. I felt so unholidayish. I know that isn't really a word, but it just fits.

Our day was complete when we went over to our friends house for dinner. I say friends, when I should say family. We are forever at their place, or hanging out somewhere together. They have been such a blessing to us! It isn't too many people that will invite a family over for a holiday. Let alone a family that is missing a spouse. BUT they are that type. We have been so blessed with many friends who just love to take care of us and adopt us as one of theirs. I could go on and on and describe every detail of this weekend, but I think I have probably lost one of the two of you that read this. So I will spare you the details. Hope you had a blessed Easter as well! HE IS RISEN!!!!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

she's got legs, she know how to use them...

Did I get the old ZZ Top song stuck in your head? For some reason, that song came to mind while I sit here nursing my sore legs. Why now you ask? well when my wonderful husband left, the kids and I left to visit family and friends for a few weeks. Well now we are back. I did keep up my running, even increased my running while in AR to 9 miles, and in TN to 8 miles (instead of the usual just over 7). I am not one to that sits around trying to figure out how the elevation affects my runs. I try not to even have the thought cross my mind. I really don't want any thought to taint my run in any way. I know this sounds a little strange, but it is me trying to fool myself. While running here, I try not to think of the mountain sides I am running up, I just run. Now I am beginning to sound like the old Nike Commercial, "Just Do It." BUT, though I am not telling my mind, I guess I forgot to not inform my legs. My legs are trying to voice their discomfort. They had taken a vacation from hills and such, but now they are back from their time off and letting me know their frustrations. Then the wind...ah the wind. Love the way it sounds rushing through the trees, and how it feels on a hot day. Adore the sound the wind chimes make...BUT for some reason, running into it isn't the best thing when your already tired legs are screaming their displeasure. The positive thing? Well there is ice, oh and a lovely weekend that I am going to take full advantage of and sleep in!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Road less Traveled

Today marks 16 years of marriage to my wonderful husband. What amazing and fun filled years we have had so far. They have flown by so quickly...makes me think of the old beginning of the soap my great-grandmother used to watch. "Like grains of sand in an hour glass, these are the days of our lives." Well, I can't lie our life together has been filled with a little bit of drama over the years...BUT you know I wouldn't trade our worst day together for the best day without my wonderful husband. He knows me, he knows how to make me laugh, and when to make me laugh. Unless you count the time when I was in labor with our first. He was trying to get me not to think of the contractions so in that failed attempt he said, "The doc is going to come in and say you are dilated to only 2." And when the doc did, I think the look I gave him was one that could have killed (I had been in labor for several hours, hooked up to pitosin, no epidural...yet). That same day he was watching the contract-o-meter and trying to encourage me by stating, "Wow, that one must of really hurt." Okay, I am laughing now, it is pretty funny looking back on it.

When we married, we were pretty young. You know I wouldn't change a thing. I would marry him over and over again. I guess I have done that already, we have renewed our vows twice since then. Once soon after we had eloped. We were having a formal wedding, and the officiant asked aloud everyone if knew we were already married. Several of us joked that if they didn't they "do now." Yes, everyone did know. We had planned on keeping it a secret from my family. But once married I was so proud to be married to him that I couldn't keep it a secret. I felt like yelling it from the roof tops. I am sure I did something similar, maybe it was more yelling it out my window of my little Toyota I had back then. Since I was young and in college and that was the thing to do.
Well dear wonderful sweet husband of mine, I love you MORE!!!!!! Thank you for each day! Even though we are a 'few' miles apart, it feels like you are here with me. Thanks for 16 years, heres to many more!!!!!!!

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I--
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference

Saturday, March 6, 2010


12 days ago, my wonderful husband headed out to war for the second time. I remember that day well. It was raining. All of us went into the airport and found out that there was an hour delay on his flight. So my wonderful husband decided we needed to leave the airport for a bit to pass the time (he is just so smart!) So where did we go you ask? But to a military surplus store of course (I did enjoy it mind you, don't know if I am just a warped wife of a Marine). We just looked around since all needed gear for the deployment had been purchased, packed and shipped over. So it was more out of curiosity that we chose that place. So after our all too short jaunt out we had to start weaving our way back to the airport. Once there we parked and ran into the airport trying to dodge the rain drops(it didn't work). When we got back it was time for goodbyes. Of course, "Thing 2," and I started to cry. But, "Thing 3," was too young to understand (so I thought), and, "Thing 1," was trying to be as adult about it all as best he could. So in a haze we said good bye and that fog followed us out into the downpour. None of us noticing that we were getting drenched. None of us moving quickly, but more like an unconscious being drifting here and there not knowing what to do or where to go. Lost. We sat in our truck trying to make sense of it all. Trying to grasp for something to draw us away from the pain. I did eventually begin to drive, and somehow we made it out of the parking lot. The rest of the day we just spent as a family. Not wanting to share in our sadness.
Eventually we all were able to be around other people again. So what did I decide to do, but to torture my already hurting kids. I took them shopping. What did I go shopping for? A purse. Now if you are a woman reading this you know the importance of finding the right kind of purse. It has to fit everything just so, no other purse will do. You want something like the one you have on your shoulder, but the one on your shoulder just doesn't work, because it isn't like the one you have in your head. SO if you are a man reading this, you are totally confused. I am sorry, a woman's mind is a little complicated, but we know what we want. It is just hard to get to find that perfect thing we have figured out. Anyhow, I did find a purse that was close to what I had in mind, and settled on it. After I figured the kids had been punished enough we ventured out to Chuck-E-Cheese. It was a little strange because when I think of CEC, I think of a well oiled operation. This was not the case this time. It left me wondering if this little place had suffered from our economy. But the younger two didn't seem to notice, and had a good time. "Thing 1," hung around and helped out where he was needed. I love it that he will go play with the other two, saying he is going to keep an eye on them. But in reality he wants to play too.

We did eventually make it home after our trying day. The kids miss their wonderful daddy, and I miss my wonderful husband, but we are surviving. :) During the days since I have thought that I have heard him driving his jeep down the road to our home and have to stop myself from running to the door to greet him. You know I was a nut case before he left, so things haven't changed much since. :) But God's grace is sufficient!

Friday, February 12, 2010


I am swimming in a sea of green and brown. Where am I you ask? I am sitting on my bed watching my Wonderful Husband pack up his gear. Cammies, body armor, helmet, a camelbak, skivvies, deck of cards, the mounds are endless. It is easy to look at 6 months before they begin. I think that I am in denial, not having a hard time with what awaits ahead of me. It is easy to overlook the inevitable when out on a date to Chili's. Or a quick run to Walmart that turns out to be an even longer trip because we decide to go see what kind of fans they have at Lowes. You know, I think that I will just keep myself in the dark until he leaves. So if you see don't tell me okay?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Good morning dear reader, I am sending out a smile to you wherever you may be. A huge smile, one with lit up eyes. Let me tell you about my epiphany. I was at Safeway on Sunday picking up donuts (I just love donuts!) anyhow I was at the self checkout and the lady working there was in need of a break, and was very vocal about it. I looked up and smiled at her and asked if it had been a rough morning. She said it had. She was holding a Starbucks cup (I think that anyone with Starbucks coffee should be smiling and skipping about), so I asked her if the coffee wasn't working. Of course I was laughing and smiling, trying to pass some of the happiness I had (probably from the excitement of picking up donuts and surprising my family with them). She stated that the coffee wasn't working, that she had some really rude people that had come in on their way to church. They were upset that they were going to be late for church, and apparently wanted something for free. Anyway, we won't go into how that made me feel thinking about the couples witness coming in upset and admitting that they were heading off to church (or my witness I have had being a believer and being rude to someone). I kept talking to this nice lady and told her I was sorry, and that it wasn't nice what they did. She then said, that she was feeling much better, and "what a difference a smile makes." I of course smiled at her again, and told her that her day was going to get better, I was just sure of it!
I walked out of Safeway with a new perspective on life. It was as if God was saying, this is my message for you today. Please take it to heart...and oh I am trying. It made me think of how God wants us to have joy. Joy in even in the hardest of situations.
"Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds." -James 1:2
We need find the positive in it all, to know that He is in control no matter what happens. It makes me think of my lovely grandmother that is now with her Saviour. She was such a joyfilled person. I only remember her being mad one time. Once, I can't even go an hour without being upset by something. She would say, "Tiff, you need to be careful to plant flowers in your garden and not weeds." She was trying to tell me to remember the wonderful things in life not the bad things. Like it says in Philippians:
"Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right,
whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things."-Philippians 4:8
So today, I pray you have a joy-filled day! Rest assured that God is in control, He's got you covered! So go to Starbucks buy a coffee and be happy :) Oh and pick one up for me ;)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Well, it is official. My wonderful husband is heading out again to war. We found out for sure at lunch time today. It has been talked about in hushed tones for over two weeks and now we know. We just told our kids and they took it beautifully! It must be because my wonderful husband has a way with people and such a positive effect on them. AND, because I have such wonderful kids. "Thing 1" talked about how old he is...13 and did we know how old he was. He keeps trying to point out how old we are :) What a great kid!!!! "Thing 2," said that God would protect Dad like He had in Iraq, what an awesome faith. "Thing 3," wanted to sing us a song she had just made up. Their reactions were covered with much prayer! So it was definitely a God thing! My kids are not new to deployments. They are used to quick meals, and me driving them everywhere. BUT please keep them, and my wonderful husband in your prayers. So when is this to take 2 to 3 weeks. We will know more soon.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Let's Get it Started

I FINISHED!!!!!!!! Yes, I did it! I finished my FIRST marathon. I say first because I have decided that it is my new addiction. I loved it! Every minute of it! I started the day pretty early, I woke up at 2 and just couldn't go back to sleep. I tried to not toss and turn so my wonderful husband could get some sleep since he was going to have the kids and he needed all the sleep he could get. Anyhow, I made myself stay in bed until 4. Then I got up and crept back to the bathroom and started the chore of getting dressed and rechecking my gear, for the fifth time. My family all woke up to say goodbye to me and to wish me luck. I believe I left the room about 5, I can't really remember the exact time I was just so excited, and nervous, and I had this overwhelming sensation that I was going to be sick! I took the elevator down to the lobby to catch one of the shuttles the hotel was running to start of the marathon (all for the additional price of $10 for 2 miles). I talked with the two men that shared the shuttle with me. One of the guys and I ended up walking around with to pass the time. I ended up ditching him, not because I was trying to be rude, but because I needed to make a port-a potty trip and didn't want him tagging along (oh and I really didn't want to run with someone I just met, especially a man!) So I excused myself and headed out on my own. After over 2 hours of shivering, walking, an additional port-a-potty trip, a gear check, and stretching it was finally time for me to head over to the corral that I was assigned to. Yes, I did say corral, I felt somewhat like a cow waiting to be slaughtered, but tried not to think of it that way. :)
Since this was the Rock-n-Roll marathon they played several songs while everyone milled around. The song you are listening to (unless you paused it) is the song that started the marathon. Let me say it was an AWESOME way to start! Imagine 7,372 people lined up ready to run. The gun went off and we stood there. What were all of us waiting for you ask? Well for those in front of us to start running. The crowd felt like one huge organism moving forward together. All doing the same thing and acting, feeling the same way. We kept walking forward getting closer and closer to the starting line. Then those in front of us start to run, but we were all running before the starting line. Part of me didn't want to start running until I crossed the starting line, because that is where the marathon began, and the other part was soooo ready to start to run! Then I waved at Senator John McCann because he was there to say a few words before the race. (Yes, just a few feet away from him, he smiled down at me and waved back at me...) I wanted to yell out, "Sorry you didn't win! You were the one I was hoping for, since write-ins don't usually win." But I restrained myself, and finally came up to the starting line.
...I started my i-pod and watch while crossing the line and headed down the street, only 26.2 miles to go. I have to say running in a marathon on a cold morning has its additional hazards, forget the possible falls, hurt feet, blisters, sore legs, and dehydration. I had to keep checking my feet to make sure that they didn't get tangled up in all the discarded clothing. Gloves, jackets, sweaters, pants, you name it were all lining the road waiting for Goodwill to make their rounds. What a lovely run! Lovely cloudy day! (I am being serious.) Crowds lined the streets cheering us on. People with signs, one..."Toe nails are overrated," another,"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,"another "You have done worse thing for a long amount of time," another, "Beer that way ->," and many signs made to cheer on those who dared to make the journey. Besides the signs in the spectators I even saw several signs on runners backs, "Text me, at ..." (I guess that bald youngish guy was desperate and looking for a date), another..."If you find me drag me over the finish line." Oh then there were the sad t-shirts of people running in memory of comrades lost in war, or mom's who have died. Then there were others from different organizations running for pledges, and then there was me. A mom, running to prove that it could be done. And I did it! My family was there through out the race. So wonderful to see them! It was the first time for my wonderful husband to see me run and the first for my kids as well. My official time was 4:30:07. And by God's grace, I didn't fall, or break or tear anything. I kept running. I did walk a few minutes after mile 21, but I ran over the finish line. I DID IT!!!!!! And next time.....Next time...I will go FASTER!!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A New Day

A week ago today should have been the beginning of our Spring Semester...but we skipped school and headed for the big city. There was shopping to be done and In-N-Out was calling us. What a lovely day! Tucson, was the location of the big city adventure, and the weather was gorgeous! I don't know what I was thinking when I forced my kids to put on long sleeve shirts and proceeded for the 77 degree desert weather. Now mind you it is a bit warmer than were we are in the mountains (by maybe 10 degrees). Anyhow, now I wish it was last week. Ah, to have another carefree day. But today will be good none the less! We have our homeschool park day. Lets see if I can get the kids out of the house by 12:15. How do moms do it that send their kids to school? I have no idea. It doesn't matter what time we start we always seem to be running a little behind. Well it could be that I try to make sure that if someone breaks into the house while we are gone they will be greeted by a nice clean place. Yes, they will be thankful that they didn't break into some dirty place. For all those who have the same problem group therapy sessions meet every Wednesday at 1pm ;)...actually we meet at 1:30, but allow for some last minute cleaning time.

Well dear reader, I am now less than a week away from my marathon. Imagine that a marathon. I haven't been worried one bit until it really hit me on Saturday, now the freaking out has begun! Questions like, what should I wear, should I do a salt shot while running (pour one of those little salt packets you get from Sonic down your throat), do I wear pants, or go for shorts? What if my Nike + ipod stops working while I am running? Will I see my family? All these questions and more have been running through my head. Then today I go out to run and what do I do? I fall. Yep, I slid across the pavement cutting my hand, knee, pants, flashlight, and my pride. The whole time I could hear my wonderful husband saying that I don't need to do anything different, I don't want an injury before the big run. I didn't do anything differently (like run harder, or increase my time), I actually cut down my run by 1 mile, which is really my normal mileage until a few weeks ago when I upped it. The funny thing was, even with my fall, I still did really good on my time. Once home I took some Ibuprofen to make sure I wouldn't be too sore. Anyhow, so in just a matter of days and I will be running my first marathon...AHHHHHH!

You know what one of the best things are in the world? A little one sitting in your lap! My youngest, "thing 3," just came out. What a joy this little girl is, and twice the trouble as her brothers! A few moments ago I woke up eldest son, "thing 1," so he could take out the trash. He was just so happy to obliged. I had to remind this teen of mine that he did stay up later than we asked, and it was almost 8:30 am and time for school. Oh he just is so happy, he'll be fine right? My middle son, "thing 2," is still curled up in bed, probably next to one of our furry feline family members. What blessings I have, sweet challenging blessings! Well I guess it is time to go teach my little ones that God has entrusted to me. To you, I pray your day is blessed, and filled with His joy!