Tuesday, April 6, 2010


What a wonderful Easter. Thought it was one that I had not been looking forward to. Holidays without my Wonderful Husband are just a little different. After this past weekend I had I was determined that I wanted to skip weekends entirely. (And here I am looking forward to the summer....seriously what I am thinking?) Why am I so adverse to weekends, you question? Well during the weekends all the husbands are home and everyone is out doing family things. Loving the time together, laughing, grilling, throwing caution to the wind. I do love to see it but it also hurts to see it at the same time. Anyhow, why am I going on to the depressing things...this is about joy, not pain, just sunshine, not rain.

The kids and I kept up the traditions while their daddy has been away. We dyed eggs on Thursday, which was a little early. We usually do it on Saturday, but "Thing 3," just couldn't be put off any longer. I actually boiled 2 dozen eggs instead of the norm 1 dozen. And even now I am thinking why have I only done 1in the past? Probably because I am cheap, and that $1.78 is going to throw me over the edge. Yeah, I'm a nut case...but I am turning a new leaf...2 dozen from now on...maybe I should even do 3 dozen. WATCHOUT! I am on a roll!

Anyhow, our Saturday was packed. "Thing 2," had a friend spend the the night before so they were all up playing video games by the time I got up. After a nutritious meal of French toast dusted with generous amounts of powdered sugar, and then coated with lots of syrup (yes, only the best for my kids. Good old high fructose corn syrup covering white sugar) we headed off to the church. Our church had opened its doors to the community for an Easter festival. "Thing 3," loved it and a great time. "Thing 2's," friend had to leave to play a game (basketball or was it baseball, or was it softball?) anyhow, my middle one is that tender age of awkwardness. He is getting older, but not too old to be over the desire to play games (but then again are we ever over that?). After about 30 minutes of walking from one part of the church to the next and back he finally decided that he was going to participate. Candy was involved so he decided to throw all caution to the wind and win some. He blessed my heart when some of the ladies at one of the station asked him questions about Christ's crucifixion. And you know what? He knew all the answers. So there I was wiping my eyes so proud of my little guy, I know what basket case. Anyway, I digress. Keep going right...okay, sorry. "Thing 1," was talking with his friends that were helping at the different booths. He was enjoying himself as well, until I brought out the camera. He is so much like his dad, loves to avoid pictures. So all in all, all my offspring had a good time. I guess I can't leave myself out, I did see some friends and a close friend and I chased after our youngest ones together.

While at the festival I received a text from another friend that I hadn't seen in a while. She was asking for a lunch date. So the kids and I did a bit of shopping at Target, then off to the house to drop the oldest two off. Now these few precious minutes at home were not only used to drop off boys but used to take the top off the jeep. Let me tell you if you don't own a jeep. Get one! Go out right now and buy one, or borrow one (just make sure you didn't steal it!) Jeeps are therapy! I believe there is even tax credit for owning one, something to do with helping the owl population in the North. I will be so bold as to say that if every American owned a Jeep, smiles would be abundant! No more rush hour traffic, no more shaking fists, or flipping of fingers, no more road rage. Heck it might even end wars and solve world hunger. Probably even cure cancer.

There I go again, I just want everyone to be as happy as I am while driving the jeep...So "Thing 3," and I got into that wonderful jeep with the top down and headed to Chili's. We met my friend and one of her sons there for some catching up and grub. What a lovely time. We decided to continue our party at the local Walmart. Everyone goes to Walmart with their friends, right? I always used to meet my friends there in good old TN. After we spent our alloted time in Walmart we went our separate ways. "Things 3," and I jumped back into the jeep and headed home with our hair flying in the wind.

At home we were lazy for a bit and a neighbor dropped by some tasty cupcakes for the kids and I to enjoy. We talked and caught up, but by the time she left the kids and I didn't have much time to get around for church. So we all scrambled around getting on our different dress outfits. Our church started doing a Saturday service about a year ago, and we have been going ever since. Though this being the Easter service and it being on a Saturday instead of a Sunday seemed a little strange, but we are strange so we went anyway. We left the topless jeep and settled into the truck and sped, I mean drove very carefully to church. I was supposed to be there early to greet, but I am such a slacker, it just didn't work out that way. The service went all too fast and it was time for us to retreat back to our abode. On the way home, "Thing 3," fell asleep. So I carried her into her room, dropping articles of clothing along the way. By the time I put her down, she woke up. Which is all fine because we had almost forgot about making the forgotten cookies. AND, (that is a big and!) my Wonderful Husband called to wish us all a Happy Afghani Easter. (Gosh, wonder what the Afghani's would have thought of that?) Glad we didn't miss his call! So we talked, then kids and I made cookies. Then off to bed for everyone...except the Easter bunny who decided that watching a movie was a good idea.

Easter...I believe I was the one who got up first. I was just so excited about seeing the kids. And wondering what they were going to do. "Thing 3," woke up followed by "Thing 1," and I had to wake up "Thing 2." We opened up the oven to eat our Forgotten cookies for breakfast and followed that with various candies the Easter bunny left behind. The younger two ran around collecting Easter eggs. After that was done, they all settled down to check out their loot and their baskets. The rest of the morning the kids played and I...well I don't know if I should say what I did. I put away all the Easter things. I felt so unholidayish. I know that isn't really a word, but it just fits.

Our day was complete when we went over to our friends house for dinner. I say friends, when I should say family. We are forever at their place, or hanging out somewhere together. They have been such a blessing to us! It isn't too many people that will invite a family over for a holiday. Let alone a family that is missing a spouse. BUT they are that type. We have been so blessed with many friends who just love to take care of us and adopt us as one of theirs. I could go on and on and describe every detail of this weekend, but I think I have probably lost one of the two of you that read this. So I will spare you the details. Hope you had a blessed Easter as well! HE IS RISEN!!!!!

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  1. Hey Turtle! :) I am caught up on your blog and added it to my list so I won't miss a post now. All we need is a little frappe and you being able to hear my singing and it's just like we're together!