Friday, March 26, 2010

she's got legs, she know how to use them...

Did I get the old ZZ Top song stuck in your head? For some reason, that song came to mind while I sit here nursing my sore legs. Why now you ask? well when my wonderful husband left, the kids and I left to visit family and friends for a few weeks. Well now we are back. I did keep up my running, even increased my running while in AR to 9 miles, and in TN to 8 miles (instead of the usual just over 7). I am not one to that sits around trying to figure out how the elevation affects my runs. I try not to even have the thought cross my mind. I really don't want any thought to taint my run in any way. I know this sounds a little strange, but it is me trying to fool myself. While running here, I try not to think of the mountain sides I am running up, I just run. Now I am beginning to sound like the old Nike Commercial, "Just Do It." BUT, though I am not telling my mind, I guess I forgot to not inform my legs. My legs are trying to voice their discomfort. They had taken a vacation from hills and such, but now they are back from their time off and letting me know their frustrations. Then the wind...ah the wind. Love the way it sounds rushing through the trees, and how it feels on a hot day. Adore the sound the wind chimes make...BUT for some reason, running into it isn't the best thing when your already tired legs are screaming their displeasure. The positive thing? Well there is ice, oh and a lovely weekend that I am going to take full advantage of and sleep in!

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