Saturday, March 6, 2010


12 days ago, my wonderful husband headed out to war for the second time. I remember that day well. It was raining. All of us went into the airport and found out that there was an hour delay on his flight. So my wonderful husband decided we needed to leave the airport for a bit to pass the time (he is just so smart!) So where did we go you ask? But to a military surplus store of course (I did enjoy it mind you, don't know if I am just a warped wife of a Marine). We just looked around since all needed gear for the deployment had been purchased, packed and shipped over. So it was more out of curiosity that we chose that place. So after our all too short jaunt out we had to start weaving our way back to the airport. Once there we parked and ran into the airport trying to dodge the rain drops(it didn't work). When we got back it was time for goodbyes. Of course, "Thing 2," and I started to cry. But, "Thing 3," was too young to understand (so I thought), and, "Thing 1," was trying to be as adult about it all as best he could. So in a haze we said good bye and that fog followed us out into the downpour. None of us noticing that we were getting drenched. None of us moving quickly, but more like an unconscious being drifting here and there not knowing what to do or where to go. Lost. We sat in our truck trying to make sense of it all. Trying to grasp for something to draw us away from the pain. I did eventually begin to drive, and somehow we made it out of the parking lot. The rest of the day we just spent as a family. Not wanting to share in our sadness.
Eventually we all were able to be around other people again. So what did I decide to do, but to torture my already hurting kids. I took them shopping. What did I go shopping for? A purse. Now if you are a woman reading this you know the importance of finding the right kind of purse. It has to fit everything just so, no other purse will do. You want something like the one you have on your shoulder, but the one on your shoulder just doesn't work, because it isn't like the one you have in your head. SO if you are a man reading this, you are totally confused. I am sorry, a woman's mind is a little complicated, but we know what we want. It is just hard to get to find that perfect thing we have figured out. Anyhow, I did find a purse that was close to what I had in mind, and settled on it. After I figured the kids had been punished enough we ventured out to Chuck-E-Cheese. It was a little strange because when I think of CEC, I think of a well oiled operation. This was not the case this time. It left me wondering if this little place had suffered from our economy. But the younger two didn't seem to notice, and had a good time. "Thing 1," hung around and helped out where he was needed. I love it that he will go play with the other two, saying he is going to keep an eye on them. But in reality he wants to play too.

We did eventually make it home after our trying day. The kids miss their wonderful daddy, and I miss my wonderful husband, but we are surviving. :) During the days since I have thought that I have heard him driving his jeep down the road to our home and have to stop myself from running to the door to greet him. You know I was a nut case before he left, so things haven't changed much since. :) But God's grace is sufficient!

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