Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A New Day

A week ago today should have been the beginning of our Spring Semester...but we skipped school and headed for the big city. There was shopping to be done and In-N-Out was calling us. What a lovely day! Tucson, was the location of the big city adventure, and the weather was gorgeous! I don't know what I was thinking when I forced my kids to put on long sleeve shirts and proceeded for the 77 degree desert weather. Now mind you it is a bit warmer than were we are in the mountains (by maybe 10 degrees). Anyhow, now I wish it was last week. Ah, to have another carefree day. But today will be good none the less! We have our homeschool park day. Lets see if I can get the kids out of the house by 12:15. How do moms do it that send their kids to school? I have no idea. It doesn't matter what time we start we always seem to be running a little behind. Well it could be that I try to make sure that if someone breaks into the house while we are gone they will be greeted by a nice clean place. Yes, they will be thankful that they didn't break into some dirty place. For all those who have the same problem group therapy sessions meet every Wednesday at 1pm ;)...actually we meet at 1:30, but allow for some last minute cleaning time.

Well dear reader, I am now less than a week away from my marathon. Imagine that a marathon. I haven't been worried one bit until it really hit me on Saturday, now the freaking out has begun! Questions like, what should I wear, should I do a salt shot while running (pour one of those little salt packets you get from Sonic down your throat), do I wear pants, or go for shorts? What if my Nike + ipod stops working while I am running? Will I see my family? All these questions and more have been running through my head. Then today I go out to run and what do I do? I fall. Yep, I slid across the pavement cutting my hand, knee, pants, flashlight, and my pride. The whole time I could hear my wonderful husband saying that I don't need to do anything different, I don't want an injury before the big run. I didn't do anything differently (like run harder, or increase my time), I actually cut down my run by 1 mile, which is really my normal mileage until a few weeks ago when I upped it. The funny thing was, even with my fall, I still did really good on my time. Once home I took some Ibuprofen to make sure I wouldn't be too sore. Anyhow, so in just a matter of days and I will be running my first marathon...AHHHHHH!

You know what one of the best things are in the world? A little one sitting in your lap! My youngest, "thing 3," just came out. What a joy this little girl is, and twice the trouble as her brothers! A few moments ago I woke up eldest son, "thing 1," so he could take out the trash. He was just so happy to obliged. I had to remind this teen of mine that he did stay up later than we asked, and it was almost 8:30 am and time for school. Oh he just is so happy, he'll be fine right? My middle son, "thing 2," is still curled up in bed, probably next to one of our furry feline family members. What blessings I have, sweet challenging blessings! Well I guess it is time to go teach my little ones that God has entrusted to me. To you, I pray your day is blessed, and filled with His joy!

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