Monday, September 13, 2010


Well yes, it has been a LONG time since I have blogged! Oh my goodness so much has happened. The one MAJOR thing that has happened is MY WONDERFUL HUSBAND IS BACK HOME!!!!!! So yes, he is back and things are back to normal. Or as normal as things are going to get around our home.

which I have to say is normally insane!

Anyhow, so once he got back we had a big party to welcome him home. Two weekends later we had a birthday party for Thing 2, then started schooling a week after that. Then we went camping two weeks after that. And how could I forget to mention the football practices that started right when my better half came home? Oh then throw in the other two and their soccer practice, youth and now all of our Saturdays are taken up with games.

You know we did this last year too, and we cursed ourselves for it back then. BUT, did we learn our lesson? Apparently not, we are right back into the thick of things again.
On Friday night, Thing 1 and Thing 3 had their opening ceremony for soccer and I received a text from a friend that was attending with her son. It said, "I know who your favorite is." I text her back and reassured her that my favorite was my husband, and that since we aren't into polygamy there are only two of us. One of us was with the youngest at the soccer field and the other was at the football field with the middle. Our eldest was on his own for a bit (even though my wonderful husband was only a few hundred feet away with the youngest). The friend having a child the same age as the oldest only saw a our child there without caring parents.
These are the times when I think maybe those who have a third parent do indeed have the right idea. Then I remember that I don't share well and would have to probably take out the third person. So I guess we will just avoid all that and just stick with two parents. It's less messy.


  1. We could use extra parents around here sometimes too. We have 2 playing soccer this year---we talked the third soccer player into trading in her cleats for ballet shoes and so far that has worked out nicely. Do you ever look at people with one child and think how easy things must be for them? Would I trade my crazy life for the one child route? Not on my worst day.
    Nice to see you on here again! Miss and love you!

  2. Ballet, how fun! I need to try that with Thing 3. We tried gymnastics there in TN with her, but she just didn't like it. Actually, she liked it when we quit.

    It makes me wonder how do families with a million and one kids work? I only have 3, you have more and a little one in the mix. And life it just crazy! We slowed down last semester, but the fall always seems to be crazy.

    Your right though, I wouldn't trade it either!!!!

    Miss and love you too!!!!