Friday, July 2, 2010

I Should of Had a V8

On my lovely run this morning...Okay that is an exaggeration. I have been losing sleep as of late, and so my run wasn't that lovely. Oh the sun was out and the mountains gorgeous, but see it also FINALLY rained here in the desert. What does that mean? Well that means that bugs of all types were out vying for flying space. When I got home I had a winged ant in my eye, on my neck, in my ear, on my shirt, on my legs, and they were in my hair. I felt like appetizer for an anteater. And since the humidity is up that meant that I sweated and they stuck to me (okay, the eyeball one didn't need the sweat). Anyhow, where were we...oh yes, the run. Here I was running, but noticed that it was really quiet. I know I am on an Army base, so it is going to be quieter than a Marine base, BUT it was really quite this morning. Then it hit is a holiday weekend, a 4-day weekend for those that are here with their families. Of course no one is going to be out exercising except those that are crazy, well I fit that bill so I was running. I guess now I need to figure out what to do this weekend. Anyhow, Happy 4th of July weekend, I hope you have a blessed one!

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